Establish general information

The General information section contains group name, description, and email settings for your group. These settings and permissions are presented when creating a group or by clicking on the Manage button on the Topics screen, expanding the Information section on the left-hand side, and clicking on General information. Refer to Understanding permissions for information on permissions in Google Groups.

Group name

Type a Group name in the 'Group name' field. Consider searching for existing groups to help you determine how to name your group (you’ll want a name that distinguishes your group from other groups).

Group email address

The group email address can be used by members to receive and respond to posts. By default, the group email address is generated from the group name. Modify this address if you do not like the default address.

Group description

Type a group description in the 'Group description' field. The description should clearly identify the purpose of the group for prospective members.

Group’s primary language

Select a language from the 'Group’s primary language' drop-down list.

Allowed topic types

This option allows you to configure the type of topics in the group. You can have discussions, questions, or both. The default setting is “Discussions.” Refer to Creating a new topic for a description of each topic type.

Default topic type

This option allows you to configure if discussions or questions will be the default topic type (requires you to choose “Discussions and Questions” in the previous question).

Allow posting by email

This option identifies whether members can post to the group by sending an email to the group’s email address.

Allow users to post to the group on the web

This option allows group members to post from the Google Groups web interface (as opposed to just email).

Embedding your group

This paragraph of information explains how to embed your group in an external web page.