1. When you create a new group, check Add all users within your-domain to this group in the Create new group dialog box.

    Your new group is created and the name appears on the Groups page.

  2. Click the name of your group to open the settings page and click Manage users.

    The group's member list now includes a special new member called All users within your-domain.

    You can't edit the members within the All users within your-domain member. But just like any other group, you can edit the groups access settings or delete it.

Tip: To prevent spam being sent to everyone in your domain, only allow group owners and managers to send messages to a group that has the All users within your-domain member.


  • Only Google Apps administrators can create an organization-wide group.
  • If multiple domains are associated with your organization's Google Apps account, the group contains users in all your domains.
  • Suspended users are included in an organization-wide group, but they don't receive messages sent to the group while they're suspended. When the account is no longer suspended, the user will resume receiving group messages.
  • Users won't see the organization-wide group in the Groups section of their account page.