To Delete a User:
2. Click Users.
3. To delete a single user, click in the user list for the user you want to change and choose Delete.
        Or from the user's account page, click in the corner of the user's profile and choose Delete.
4. To delete multiple users, click the images next to the users' names you want to delete.
5. Click in the top corner and choose Delete users.
6. Optionally, indicate if you want to transfer ownership of Drive files the user owns. You can choose to transfer all files they own or only shared files they own.
If you delete the user without transferring the user’s files, Google deletes the files the user owned within five days.

Note the following:
  • The transfer includes all files of all types, not just Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and so forth.
  • If you restore a deleted user whose files you transferred, the Admin console restores the user as a suspended user.
  • When you restore deleted users after transferring the ownership of their files to other users, the restored users do not automatically reacquire ownership of their old files. Instead, they can only edit the files they used to own.

7. When prompted, confirm that you want to delete the user.
8. If necessary, delete the user from your Gmail contacts list.

When the deletion and transfer are complete, Google emails the primary and secondary domain contacts defined in Company Profile | Profile | Contact information.

Restoring a deleted account. You can restore a recently deleted account for up to five days. After this period, deleted accounts can't be recovered.