Vault Former Employee licenses are currently available only for the customer domains that transition from Postini (Google Message Discovery) to Vault.
Vault Former Employee (VFE) licenses are no-cost (FREE) licenses that enable a Vault administrator to search, hold, export, and retain data in Vault for inactive user accounts or for employees that have left the company.
VFE licenses remove all Google licenses from user accounts and turn off all licensed apps and services except Vault. Assigning a VFE license should be a final step in your organization’s employee deprovisioning process.
During the Postini-to-Google Apps transition, Google Apps user accounts are created for former employees(Deleted Users from Postini, where archives are retained)  and assigned VFE licenses. These user accounts include VFE.x prepended to the username (for example, and are in a Former Employee organizational unit.

*You can exclude the VFE organizational unit from the Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS).*

The Vault administrator can then work with the domain's Google Apps administrator, who can assign licenses to the appropriate users in the Admin console.

  1. Sign in to the Admin console.

  2. Click Users

  3. Select User by checking the tick box to the left of the user address name

  4. Click the Manage Licenses icon

  5. Select “Assign Licenses”

  6. Expand the Google Apps Vault option by clicking on the arrow on the left of the option

  7. Click Google Apps Vault - Former Employee

  8. Then move the user account to Former Employees Org by clicking on “Move to another Organization.

  9. We recommend that you also suspend the user to prevent sign in and access to unlicensed apps and services.