If you own a domain and have access to change the CNAME record, you can map any site created in Google Sites outside of Google Apps (for example, intranet.jambojet.com/site) to a custom URL:

  1. Click the More Actions button  and select Manage Site.
  2. Click the Web Address tab.
  3. Enter your custom URL in the Web Address text box, then click the Add button at the top of the page.
For security reasons, your domain must be verified with Google. See the below section, "'Domain is not verified' error when mapping," for details.

Change your CNAME record

Depending on your domain registrar, you may need to make changes to your CNAME record in order for your site to be mapped:

  1. Sign in to the site where you control your own site with custom URL.
  2. Navigate to your Domain Name Server (DNS) management page. The location and name of this page varies by host, but can generally be found in the Domain Management or Advanced Settings section.
  3. Find the CNAME settings and in the section 'CNAME value or alias,' enter the sub-domain you'd like to map the URL to. The sub-domain for www.example.com would be www.
  4. Set the CNAME destination to the following address: ghs.googlehosted.com
  5. Save your changes with your domain host.